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Call for proposals

Jul 27-28 2018 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

Dear friends, thank you for supporting HITCON! The agenda for HITCON 2018 has been officially released along with date and venue. Make sure you don’t miss it! Here’s the information below:

  • HITCON 2018 Community
  • Date: July 27-28, 2018
  • Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

HITCON 2018 CMT will be a fiesta dedicated to hackers, information security professionals and community members. Apart from hacking techniques, there will also be all kinds of interesting activities and booths for the communities, students, practitioners and anyone who’s interested in information security to participate and share ideas. We’re looking forward to you aces around the world to submit your work! Please see the information below for details.

I. HITCON 2018 CMT Call for Papers

We don’t intend to set out a theme for HITCON CMT this year. No matter what your topic is, whether it’s about analytical findings in information security, latest techniques and trends, CTF competition experiences or talent fostering, all information security-related topics are welcomed!

II. Topics of Interest (include but are not limited to):

A. Information Security Techniques and Research Findings

Presentation or introduction regarding information security-related techniques or researches, including introductory topics and advanced analysis. Ex. Artificial Intelligence (AI) security and applications, Financial Technology (FinTech) security, Blockchain security、Internet of Things (IoT) security, Ransomware, Cyberwarfare, Automated Collaboration, Modern Malware Analysis, Vulnerability Discovery and Attack Methods, Aspects of Internet Censorship, Mobile Security, Wireless Equipment Security, Cloud Security, Reverse Engineering, Backdoors and Rootkits, APT Incidents, DDoS Attacks, Network and Database Security, Cryptography, Wargame, etc.

B. Experience-sharing

Sharing experiences or reflections about participating in competitions, training, promotion, communities related to internet security.

Ex. Your experiences in information security competitions, reflections of learning in the discipline of information security, ideas about promoting information security or cultivating information security professionals, experiences in establishing an information security club or community.

Apart from the topics mentioned above, other information security-related topics are also welcomed. If you have some ideas to share with the audiences in HITCON CMT and they’re information security-related, you’re more than welcome to submit your proposal.

III. Special Notices

A. Topics related to application of techniques or practical experiences are preferable. The speakers shall be able to present their findings in a 40 to 50-minute speech.

B. Applicants should provide one to three keywords for each submission. These keywords will be used on the HITCON official website, conference agenda, etc. HITCON reserves the rights to slightly change the keywords if necessary.

C. For those wishing to submit their applications, please register at https://cfp2018.hitcon.org and upload the abstract for review before May 27th, 2018(extend to Jun 3rd, 2018). Upon sufficient quantity of submissions being collected, HITCON reserves all the rights to close the CFP earlier.

D. For the privileges and subsidies of the speaker(s) of accepted papers, please thoroughly read the Call for Papers Terms and regulations on the HITCON Call for Papers website.

IV. Important Dates & Deadlines

HITCON Community Call for Papers: effective immediately till May 27th, 2018(extend to Jun 3rd, 2018)

HITCON Community Conference: July 27-28, 2018

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More on contact agenda2018@hitcon.org

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