HITCON 2018 Community Call for Papers Terms

By submitting your application to the HITCON Call for Papers website, you understand and agree to the terms below:

1. By presenting your work at HITCON, you are granting HITCON permissions to record, photograph, broadcast or televise your presentation. Accordingly, you agree to waive any right to inspect or approve the use of the aforementioned materials in various forms and channels, including but not limited to HITCON official website and its affiliates, special events, media exposure, advertising campaign and likewise.

2. The members of the HITCON Review Board (“Member”) will have access to all submitted applications and materials. Under the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) provisions set forth by HITCON, Members are responsible for keeping the aforementioned information confidential. Without prior consent from the author(s), these materials will not be publicized.

3. HITCON will provide one projector, one screen, one microphone along with wireless or wired internet connection to the presenting speakers. Speakers shall bring all the other necessary tools for their presentation, including laptops and devices.

4. If the submitted application is deemed to be a work of plagiarism or vendor pitch, HITCON may not only cancel the presentation but also revoke the speaker’s honorarium. Besides, the speaker(s) will not be considered for speaking opportunities at HITCON anymore.

5. HITCON reserves the right to alter the scheduled sessions as necessary and rescind an accepted submission without providing any reason.

6. For those wishing to submit their applications, please register at https://cfp2018.hitcon.org and upload the abstract for review before May 27th, 2018(extend to Jun 3rd, 2018). Upon sufficient quantity of submissions being collected, the CFP may close earlier. Please submit your proposal as soon as possible.

7. Accepted speaker(s) is granted the following remunerations for per speech. (traveling expenses is part of the sums below and thus no receipt is required)

  • Speaker from Taiwan will receive a honorarium of $100 USD

  • Speaker from Asia will receive a honorarium of $200 USD

  • Speaker from Europe, United States, Canada or other part of the world will receive a honorarium of $300 USD

8. For accommodation, each accepted paper grants up to one hotel room for three nights, covered by HITCON.

9 Speaker privileges:

  •   9.1 Speakers & VIPs’ After-Party on July 27th, 2018

  •   9.2 Speaker & VIP lounge

  •   9.3 Lunch, afternoon tea and drinks

  •   9.4 Special gifts

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More on contact agenda2018@hitcon.org

If you have any privacy or security concern when contacting the HITCON Committee,you can communicate with us through the use of following PGP public key:
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